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People I’d like to see on Twitter

  1. Randall Munroe – I’d wager that Mr. XKCD has dozens of ideas every day that he probably does not develop enough to turn into a full on comic. These dozens of little thoughts and ideas Randall has would make for excellent Twitter fodder.

  2. Stephen Colbert – Comedic geniuses create the best Twitter streams. Who better than Colbert? There was a fake Stephen T Colbert who was doing a pretty good job of imitating Colbert until he was ousted.

  3. John Hodgman – “Resident Expert” on The Daily Show and author of the book The Areas of My Expertise, John Hodgman would no doubt make a kick ass Twitter. Plus, I’m pretty sure he would beat Justin Long in a hypothetical fight.

  4. Fake Steve Jobs – Yes, I want the fake Steve Jobs to be on Twitter more than the real one. I have nothing against the real Steve Jobs and I confess I would still follow him on Twitter but I can imagine that the majority of his status updates would be along the lines of “in a meeting”. Judging by his blog, and the fact that he is a professional journalist, Fake Steve Jobs would undoubtably write more entertaining updates.

  5. Mark Cuban – Aside from the small fact that Mark Cuban owns the Dallas Mavericks, he writes one of the best weblogs on the Internet. He seems to thrive when it comes to writing long, well thought out entries, but I bet he has a decent short game too.

That is all I can think of for now. And, unlike the aforementioned 5 people, you can follow me on Twitter to see what I’m thinking about.

Computer Science Trivia Questions

Today we threw the first annual ICS day at UC Irvine. For the event I helped prepare a bunch of computer science trivia questions for a family feud style game. Since it is kind of an interesting list I am going to make it available to everyone here incase someone else is looking for a huge list of CS trivia questions.

Some of the questions were given to me by a classmate and I don’t know where she got them from. The rest I wrote myself. I dumbed down the questions as much as I could because I wanted to make sure people would get them right. Having a trivia game with questions that no one knew that answer to would not have been much fun.

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Git Presentation

Last week I gave a presentation on the Git version control system at the OC Ruby Users Group. The presentation went very well and I felt it was the most lively presentation that I’ve ever given, even if questions did push the length over an hour.

The slides I used for the presentation are available for download below. The zip contains a pdf of the presentation and the keynote files. The original version of the slides was provided by Ryan Felton. I expanded and modified them for my presentation. Git Presentation Files
Released on April 27, 2008.